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What is a Clean Room ?

Space where activities can take place in a very controlled environment.  Tightly controlled atmosphere:






Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)






The basic operation of a Cleanroom involves Filtering airborne particulates entering the clean area. In addition to the filtration process, however, the Cleanroom must also isolate itself from the surrounding environment. This is done by slightly pressurizing the room so that it maintains a higher pressure level than the ambient area around it.

Uso de los Cuartos Limpios

Electronics Industry

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Disk & Display Manufacturing
  • Research & Development of new products

Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries

  • Manufacturing an Packing of Medicine/Medical supplies
  • Hospitals for surgeries and labs for medical research
  • Labs for research and development of new products

Miscellaneous Applications

  • Food processing & packing 
  • Automotive paint booths
  • Crystal
  • Laser/Optic industries
  • Advanced material research

If you like to know more about this topic please download the follow documents (PDF Format):


Since 1992 RMH has been part of the following clean room projects:


we are representing Terra Universal in Sonora and Baja California.